Our story

Being in IT outsourcing business for more than 12 years we have witnessed hundreds of cases when contracts left unsigned, the products could not find the market fit and both vendors and customers were frustrated with the results of cooperation.

What were the reasons for that?

Well, in most of the cases the customers go from the idea creation right to the construction phase, without paying enough attention to the hypothesis verification stage.

It resulted into the situation the Product Vision was formed taking into account only partial data while some vital aspects like serviceable obtainable market size, customer acquisition costs, marketing budget and cohorts were not paid enough attention.

Our mission

It was unbearable to witness another great opportunity fail due to the customer and the vendor speak different language.

That is why we founded BeforeUcode – a team of professionals who help the entrepreneurs, visioners, dreamers to verify every aspect of their concepts and ideas before it comes to jumping into software development phase.


Here at BeforeUcode we never took us as a consulting company, but were trying to be a part of our clients’ business taking the risks as our own ones.

We are making sure our clients have done all their homework on market share of their product, number of months to grab the market, and in the end of a day, build their PnL on LTV and CPA.

Our goal is not just providing consultancy but helping our clients understand what conditions are required for their business to be profitable, what markets are the best for launch and what budget should be allocated to marketing campaign.

Contact us

If you are planning to launch a new product or would like to improve the output of existing product we are ready to help.